lunedì 7 novembre 2011

giovedì 11 agosto 2011


Acquisti della mezzanotte.
Midnight purchases.
Leather fingerless gloves

Lace lady pants
I love them. 
xo, jessie

Dior Addict Giveaway by #IAMTHEWINNER

Ok, devo ancora realizzare la cosa, ma... Sono la vincitrice del giveaway Dior Addict!
Credo che utilizzerò tutto quel ben di Dio per il mio prossimo outfit (che realizzerò quando studio e vita me lo permetteranno). 

Tutti i ringraziamenti più sentiti vanno a Larissa Guerrini (by 
Larissa, spero di incontrarti alla VFNO a Milano, l'8 settembre! Non mi dispiacerebbe fare due chiacchiere con te! :)

Ok, I haven't realized yet, but...  I'm the winner of the giveaway Dior Addict!
I think that I'll use that amazing makeup for my next outfit (that I'll realize when study and life will give me some freetime).

All biggest thanks go to Larissa Guerrini (by
Larissa, I hope to meet you at VFNO in Milan, up on 8th september! I wanna talk with you about some things! :)

xx, jessie

venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Missoni Summer 2011.

Ho sempre amato Missoni. Le fantasie scelte per quast'estate 2011 sono sublimi! Che ne pensate?

I have been loving Missoni for ages. Fantasies chosen for this summer 2011 are wonderful! What do you think about?




flats that I LOVE

giovedì 14 luglio 2011


"Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans - it’s up to you." - Karl Lagerfeld

domenica 10 luglio 2011


ITFB è indicato per tutte le fashion bloggers (e perché no, per tuttI i fashion bloggers) che vogliono provare a condividere in modo costante e serio (più di quanto non facciate già ;) le loro idee, i loro gusti, le loro concezioni di tendenze. Io ho appena scoperto tutto questo e me ne sono innamorata. A tutti voi bloggers italiani consiglio VIVAMENTE di dare un'occhiata. Propongono un sacco di cosine interessanti, tra partecipazioni, inviti e party. APPROVATO. 

Cliccate sul banner per visitare il sito!

venerdì 1 luglio 2011


Blogger Contest: Let's get life started! | Fashiolista

sabato 25 giugno 2011


I stopped writing because of the school! I'm going to write again from next monday! I'm going to Milan! :) Shopping + concert of Waters of Pink Floyd!) :) so, people... I beg you to check out my blog next monday and give me your opinions about the newcoming post
Kisses, Jessie

mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

Alice in Wonderland.

This is me in the garden of my school!

Zara Dress
Pimkie Bag


In the end, I'm not gone to Pink Fashion Show. I must study hard in this period.
BUT... I bought some cloooothes! *_*
First, this Jacket! (is a Bershka jacket, aviator style)

...And I bought a Bershka dress, few days ago. I love it! Flowers, lacy... completely love it.

And this is the back.

Hope you like iiit!
Kisses, Jessie

mercoledì 30 marzo 2011


Pinko has sent me an invitation to their Fashion Show S/S 2011. 
It will be on 8th April. CAN'T WAIT.

The invitation is in italian language. :)
In english: We have the pleasure to invite you at an exclusive appointment.

I think I'll go there. I can't tell you how excited I am! :)
I'll make a lot of photos!

lunedì 28 marzo 2011


I'll make a GIVEAWAY soon!
I hope you'll take part in this! 
With Love, xoxo

domenica 27 marzo 2011

Waiting for the party night!

Before going to a friend's party, yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend took photos of me. :) 

Bershka black jacket
Bershka pale pink blouse
Bershka leather fringe bag
Bershka Jeggings trousers
Le Parisienne leather shoes
Kiko nail laquer n°226 

domenica 20 marzo 2011

giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Before a friend's party.

I was totally confused on what to wear.
A lovely friend borrowed me this dress. 
It's amazing. It's a dress bought in Zara, of made of tulle. I've loved it.

I miss that day in Venice.

I was in Venice for the most famous carnival of the world. (after Rio de Janeiro carnival, I suppose! :D) It has been a sunny day, perfect. I miss that day in Venice.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Bershka Leather Jacket
Bershka scarf
H&M sweater 

The new trend: Transparent bags!

The new "FURLA Candy Bag" and the "

Chanel 'Naked' Shopper Handbag"

Black and white ALL OVER for Chanel.


First of all, I wanna scream a "Good Morning" to all of you.
I was thinking. Have you an object that you couldn't live without?

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Hello, honeys!

OMG, you all really don't know how happy I am! I've a blog! WAHOOO!
I wanna give you the best performance I can, because I think that being a fashion blogger is more than a blogger who posts something of the best known stylists. I wanna tell you what I've inside. For doing this, I'll post MY PERSONAL IDEA OF STYLE. I promise.