sabato 23 aprile 2011

What do you think about the new collaboration Swedish Hasbeens for H&M?

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  1. like your blog, i'm annekamphuis1 from fashiolista. i didn't post anything on my own blog for a while, but i sure will post anything again soon :D

  2. Great blog! ; ))
    The second shoes are pretty.
    I follow you ; )

    Greetings! ; ))

  3. I kinda hate these shoes but I like your blog! :)
    I got your message at fashiolista.. wanna follow each other's blogs and also at fashiolista?

    check out my blog here;

  4. I hate only the fact they aren't so high.. they are a midway ;)

  5. i think they are nor here nor there..i wish they have some hight! hate and like at the same time...


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